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Tiled Stair Risers

British homeowners are starting to think bigger and more creatively when it comes to tiles. Mosaics have been part of an interior for thousands of years dating back to the 3rd millennium BC. But it has since developed through history while remaining a popular go-to choice of tile today.

When it comes to tiles, homeowners also starting to think bigger and more creatively, very much like how they seek originality in flooring. It is no surprise, that mosaics are set to become the next big interior design trend, specifically when it goes down to staircases.

People think beyond the box with tiling. This key trend is going to take UK homes by storm in the next couple of years. Tiling the panels on a staircase in which mosaics are perfect is the go-to modern choice. This allows for expression of personality and instantly draws the eyes.

Vintage White Mosaics have been used to a great effect. While tiled stair risers are not a new decorative form, it is definitely gaining popularity and further pushes the boundaries of how homeowners see to decorate their homes. The decorative elements serve to give the stairs that wow factor.

Over the past few years, there is a surge in people using mosaics in upcycling projects. They are transforming a tired, old piece of furniture, such as a coffee table or bookcase, into a piece of art, giving homes a new lease of life. Of course, tiles can still be effectively used in the bathrooms as well, to create a colourful border, or in the kitchen to create a statement splashback.

Mosaics are adaptable to work in any living space. The advantage is that they only need to be used sparingly, making them ideal for those wanting to make an impact on a budget.