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Top 5 Properties In the UK

Al UK citizens are concerned with the type of dwelling they choose. Everyone has its own unique spirit, external and internal qualities that make it preferable to customers. The Flooring Group has made a list of the top 5 most chosen by the latest research in Britain.

1. Pre-Georgian Detached. Usually located in the countryside, these type of houses are very popular but rare to find. Its signature features are smaller cottage like size, lower ceilings and exposed wood beams. The houses are popular with huge inner fireplaces and thatched rooftops. The authentic charm of these Jane Austen-ish like properties is often completed with hardwood natural floors and stylish cute gardens.

2. Georgian detached. Next in popularity is this property that is usually located in the centre of a vast green space. The home is quite symmetrical and high and lavishly wider and taller in the centre. The overall feeling of a complete serenity and castle-likeness are enhanced by the huge sash windows and enlarged doorway. A common feature is a separate room, no open plan areas, but large room sizes with a focus on ornate mouldings, fireplaces and panelling.

3. Edwardian Semi-Detached. These properties are found in the suburbs. They can easily be recognised by their pointed rooftops, sleek tiles and red bricks. Most of them still have the parquet floor so popular during the Edwardian era. Another main feature is the bay windows that welcome light in lavish rooms. The house floor plan is easily alternated and can add more room, which makes this type of house highly sought after.

4. Modern or Newly Built. Houses after 1990s were often built in volumes. They incorporate the modern technology and have improved security features. The designs feature not only bricks but elements of stone and timber as well. The sizes of the rooms and height of the ceiling may vary, making them perfect for almost everyone.

5. Eco-built. In the 2000s a wave of environment-friendly trends has reached the building market as well. This made builders reduce the carbon footprint, by usage of sustainable local materials. The essentials of the home are to be as environment gentle as possible. Eco houses normally have Solar Panels, rainwater recycling tanks, cellulose insulation and locally grown timber. The rooms are multifunctional reflecting a more contemporary design styles.

The Flooring Group recommends running a quick history check of the home you are about to rent or buy to enhance its features. Original flooring, key structures and tasteful decor will be our main priorities to focus. Should you need, however, to redo the flooring, you can always trust our experts to help and guide you through.