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Top Kitchen Floorings – Pros And Cons

Choosing the kitchen floor is a pretty tough job. The trick is always to identify the key considerations.

The Flooring Group has made a short comparison of the most popular kitchen flooring materials to help everyone decide which would work best.


Covering everything from limestone or travertine to granite and slate, the classic stone is an unsurprisingly popular flooring trend. The beauty of the stone lies in its natural, unique variations.


Pros High wow factor! The stone is beautiful, timeless and classy. It is robust, long-lasting and easy to maintain. It works perfectly with underfloor heating and is a very good heat conductor.


Cons  The stone is not very forgiving to the feet and any dropped crockery. It is extremely cold without underfloor heating. More irregular surfaces usually collect more dirt.


Porcelain tiles

The tiles come with the phrase ‘maintenance free’. They don’t need sealing and are very hard-wearing.


Pros Porcelain is extremely hygienic, very hard to scratch or chip, and can be washed with absolutely anything. They also go perfectly well with underfloor heating.


Cons These tiles tend to be more expensive than ceramic tiles and are unrepairable when chipped.


Solid wood

All the clever copies in the world cannot match the beauty of the real wood. There is nothing more to say.


Pros Wood is renewable, recyclable, good-looking, sturdy and most importantly long-lasting. It can be sanded if in need of refreshment and stained in a vast majority of colours.


Cons Solid wood boards will move, especially where there is lots of moisture and mopping. They need a subfloor, which can make installation a bit pricey. They will stain and scratch, and will wear in high-traffic areas.

‘Many people are moving to engineered boards as they have the look of real wood but are stable,’ adds Jeremy Friendship.


No matter the choice, The Flooring Group has the potential to provide the products of leading UK manufacturer and traders. For more information visit our website