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Top Tips When Working With Wood And Water-Based Products

In this article London flooring contractors will pay attention to the problem with expansion of a plywood overlayment with water-based screed laid on top of it. So the following recommendations are very important:

  • London flooring experts should be very careful about the quality of plywood. Actually, a well-glued plywood will never delaminate or expand. The difference with a plywood whose bonding is suspicious is huge. London flooring specialists explain, that the veneers which make up plywood have ‘cross-banded’ nature. It helps to limit the normal tendency of wood to ‘move’ across the grain. However, no matter how perfectly it’s made, the wood will always expand a little.
  • London flooring contractors are aware, that a thinner plywood will have fewer veneers than a thicker plywood. Logically, the thicker material will have better resistance to panel expansion. In case the problem is hidden in edge-swelling, that plywood which is thinner, will actually behave a bit better. The reason is that there are less layers of wood present, to swell up.
  • Experts in every London flooring company will tell you, that wood absorbs dampness both directly from water being poured onto it and indirectly – from the atmosphere. Consequently the usage of water-based adhesive, filler or screed will always risk some degree of either panel expansion or edge-swelling (which is more usual). London flooring specialists say, that the more of any water-based product you apply, the more eventual is to provoke some ‘reaction’ from the plywood. London flooring contractors explain, that a little amount of these products won’t cause a problem.
  • London flooring experts recommend to use only products, that are tested by the manufacturer for application on wood-based substrates.

London flooring contractors advise people to be very careful not to apply excessive quantity of water when mixing up the product. In addition, you should wait the necessary hours before applying anything else on top. Let’s not forget, that wood is a wonderful material, which is very adaptable. However you should understand it and work well with it.

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