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Training A New Generation Of Professionals

In this article, we will discuss the floorlaying apprenticeships as well as the levy and related funding. The Government is introducing an apprenticeship levy in Spring to support acquiring skills and training. In this sector, there are aspects that are constantly changing. An interesting fact that London flooring specialists shared is that employers with a pay bill over £3 million per year will be called for contributing to the new levy. There also will be changes to the funding of apprenticeship programmes. London flooring experts say that such changes will result in increasing interest in apprenticeships in the following years. Big employers will be obliged to pay both the new Apprenticeship Levy and CITB levy for the first time this year.

  • The good news for the flooring industry is that a substantial investment in apprenticeships across Scotland, England and Wales will be creating as a result of the introduction of the levy on April 6th 2017. For example, in England where there are many employers that are too small to pay the levy (about 98%) the costs of training (at least 90%) will be paid by the government. By doing this, small businesses are encouraged to develop. Yet, things are not that simple. Every sector is required to acquire a new apprenticeship standard before the overall funding support package is confirmed and granted. This is often called a trailblazer apprenticeship.
  • A group of floorlaying employers in October 2016 submitted an expression of interest to the government to develop the new Floorlaying Apprenticeship Standard. It will be based on the Floorcoverings Apprenticeship Framework. For many years it has been delivered by training providers and colleges that currently claim funding employer`s behalf. The target to of this group is to have the new apprenticeship standard for running by September 2017. An End-Point Assessment will be included as a part of the requirements of the government for new Standards.
  • The long-term intention of the government is to move to a digital account payment system. By doing this the employers will be enabled to receive the funding directly for each of the apprentices that are recruited. This will provide the employers with more control over the training as they will be able to choose a college or private provider to deliver the training. Another thing that London flooring contractors say is that extra £3000 worth of support will be given to fund every 16-18-year-old apprentice.

Thanks to this funding every young person has the chance to make their first step into the flooring industry. The new standard will play a significant role in providing knowledge, skills, training and funding that are essential for a high-class apprenticeship! Every flooring company should be looking forward to it!

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