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Transportation and Transit Flooring

As public transportation becomes increasingly popular, in large cities especially, it is a top priority to provide safety and reliability to the millions of commuters using them on a daily basis. Just a recent study conducted by the New Jersey Institute of Technology, have found out that using public transportation can reduce the harmful CO2 emissions by 37 million metric tons annually, thus reducing fuel expenses.


With technology now expanding to the public transportation industry, pioneers like Elon Musk, aim to provide faster and safer transportation, while reducing energy consumption. As that becomes fact, passengers will inevitably seek a more luxurious experience, and providers will be seeking not only comfort for their passengers but also durability and sustainability.


The materials used for construction and/or renovation of mass transportation has a direct impact on commuters, as well as the lifespan of the vehicle. Here is a closer look at why premium rubber is an ideal choice for public transportation.


Safety in Numbers


Flooring plays a key role in mass transit safety and according to the National Public Transportation Association, mass transit is one of the safest ways to travel. The waterproof premium rubber is designed to specifically withstand the harshest conditions while keeping passengers on their feet with its anti-slip resistance, even when wet. In the event of a fire, the premium rubber coverings are created to be flame retardant and free of PVCs and halogens, as that they do not form hydrogen chloride, which can lead to respiratory tract burns.


Clean Air Commute


At the moment, some types of flooring consists of finishings that release toxic emissions and other pollutants, however, the premium rubber floors are both low emission and low pollutant, as they are made of natural materials and contain no PVC, phthalates or other plasticizers, and can, in fact, improve the indoor air quality, certified from The Blue Angel ( products and services that are environmentally friendly) and GREENGUARD Gold ( products that have extremely low levels of emissions)


Standing up for Comfort


Long journeys can be unbearable, especially while standing. While many flooring materials are hard and unforgiving, premium rubber has a unique crosslinking of materials providing it with superior ergonomics and comfort under the feet. Coating free premium rubber is made of resilient materials and has a verified non-slip property that improves safety and comfort.


Operational Optimization


Did you know that approximately 90% of the cost of a floor comes from ongoing care and maintenance? That’s right, it requires chemicals and special equipment to keep the floors looking good. That is not the case with rubber flooring. Premium rubber can last up to 50 years and the cleaning protocol requires little more than water and a mop, thus eliminating the need for harsh cleaning agents, stripping and waxing.


Design with Purpose


Modern ultrasonic cutting machines allow for rubber flooring to be produced in any shape, symbol or wayfinding system design – down the last millimetre. Incorporating clear symbols for wheelchairs, bicycles, suitcases, baby carriages make it easier for passengers to safely find their way around quickly. Thanks to precision cutting and incorporating symbols into the floor covering, safety symbols can last longer than signs and stickers.


Future of Transportation Flooring


As the population migrates to the big cities, the need for alternative transportation becomes a necessity. This will lead to higher traffic, congestion, and rising emissions of greenhouse gases, however, premium rubber flooring is up to the challenge, providing it is the superior choice for the global transport industry.