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Underfloor Heating For A Peace of Mind

A London commercial flooring specialist says that when heating is specified in commercial buildings, underfloor heating (UFH) is seen as the system which offers the required levels of comfort and energy efficiency. An interesting subject to look at, are the wet and electric underfloor heating systems in commercial environments. London flooring professionals point out that the main benefit is the aesthetics that UFH brings – unlike radiators, this heating system doesn`t ruin the interior design of a building. What you have to do now is to decide whether to choose an electronic or a wet (hydronic) system.

  • London flooring contractors give us more information about wet UFH systems – how do they work? Water is heated up to about 50 degrees Celsius and goes through loops of pipe. They are laid into the joists of suspended timber floors or the screed of your solid London flooring. Because of the low temperature of the water, wet UFH systems are energy-efficient. What about the electric systems? They use a continuous cable, either supplied as a mat which is laid above the subfloor or laid within the screed.
  • A key aspect that London flooring experts point out when choosing electric or wet UFH is the need to fulfill the requirements of the building regulations. Speaking of wet UFH, usually the preferred fuel for the boilers is gas as it is still favoured when taking into account energy and carbon calculations. However, an esteemed flooring company London states that more environmentally-friendly and cleaner methods of electricity production might change that.
  • Installation prices and supply costs for electric and wet systems are pretty much the same as well as the overall running costs. However, London flooring specialists say that the maintenance of electrical systems is easier and self-contained compared to gas safety checks. Wet UFH requires connection via a manifold, to a heat pump, a boiler or other source which will provide hot water every time the system is in use. In other words, you will need more space as these units are spacious.
  • No matter which one you will opt for, they opt offer comfort and provide instant heat. London flooring contractors note that both of the systems work equally well so it is up to you which one you will install at your commercial building. These modern systems are flexible and efficient and show great performance.

Fortunately, London flooring experts share the opinion that electric and wet UFH systems can last for the years to come – you should not worry as usually manufacturers offer warranties ranging from 10- up to 50-years of warranty.

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