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Underfloor Heating Meets All Your Needs

There were many debates in which is the most appropriate way of heating up your home, unfortunately there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all solution here. Keep in mind that there are various factors like size of the property, architecture, sustainability, cost and others affecting this hard decision. London flooring contractors highly recommend the underfloor heating system, it really is all you need. If you are still undecided or sceptic, this article might be very helpful.

What are the benefits of installing the underfloor heating system?

  • Some people prefer wet heating others electric or why not just have both installations, depending on the situation? London flooring professionals point out that wet system includes low temperature water circulating in pipe loops within a screed or timber joists beneath the floor surface. The electric system is usually cables installed in the screed or cable mats laid on top of the surface. You will be able to discuss the most suitable choices with our professional flooring technicians in London and they can guide you to what is best for your household.
  • Installing it instantly declares a war on the mass production of CO2 emissions in buildings. It is an undisputed winner in being eco-friendly by it’s remarkable sustainability, energy preservation, efficiency and performance. Go green!
  • Ridiculously easy to install and operate! No one likes extensive building work, we all know how much time consuming installing a regular radiator system at your home can be. Value your time, finances and comfort!
  • It just looks good! There are no radiator pipes sticking out of the walls or massive air conditioners to reduce the space in the property, feel free to design that space as you like. It isn’t just purely aesthetic benefit, London flooring experts say that there is no loss in underfloor heating as hot air cannot reach the ceiling level as fast as other heating systems. And also there is nothing worse than walking on cold tiled floor.
  • Previously being designed specifically for apartments underfloor heating continues to innovate and expand more. Thanks to the hybrid builds that we developed, they have finally reached their goal – houses.

Still not convinced?

London flooring contractors are happy to present you the underfloor heating flooring package. We know how difficult is to coordinate all the work, that’s why we offer this complete package of services containing the following: Adequate customer service, we will keep in touch with you, our team of technicians and we will communicate throughout the whole process. With well coordinated team of technicians, we will be able to achieve desired results with ease in no time. We want to assure complete satisfaction with the product and seek your opinion upon a finished job. A warranty is a must in the pursuit of being competitive and long standing company, maintaining a good reputation on the market.

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