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Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating is a trend growing in popularity nowadays. And The Flooring Group has the privilege to offer customers one of the best products in the market – underfloor heating systems by Thermogroup. Here in this article, we shall list the major advantages of the electric underfloor heating.

  • Energy efficiency – The two major types of underfloor heating provide the same amount of warmth. The normal radiators must be heated up to 75 degrees Celsius, whereas the underfloor can be heated to only 29 degrees to provide the necessary warmth. This will mean consumption of less energy. And while the radiators heat only the air around them, the underfloor heating distributes warmth evenly around. It has been estimated that the heating costs are decreased by over 15%.
  • Easy to run – once installed under the floor, this type of heating system is virtually without further maintenance as it comes with a lifetime guarantee. The thermostat can be manual or Wi-Fi managed and it will keep your home warm at any time.
  • Space and design functionality – this is very important for small premises, as the heating is invisible and save up a lot of space, while not contradicting the interior design. The walls remain free of burden and pure canvas to work upon.
  • Thermogroup and The Flooring Group provide underfloor heating systems for all kinds of floorings and install them at minimum costs. We can put that under existing floors or before installing it. Plenty of options to choose from are available.
  • Comfort and safety – no sharp radiator edges are to be considered, not hot plates to stay away from – everything is neatly tucked under the floor. Also a major advantage is the freshness of the air, that is not dried out and it is perfectly acceptable to open the window without losing much of the heat.
  • Installation can be done as a DIY project or done by a professional company on a budget. It takes less time than the usual radiator installation and as proven above is a better choice to make.

All Thermogroup products are available on The Flooring Group site and in all showrooms. We can provide the best advice on the type of heating and how best to install it.