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Van Besouw 2404 – Give Every Space the Right Character

A carpet or rug from Van Besouw adds the perfect personality to every room and has been the case since 1839. Their innovative cotton loop carpet is famous worldwide and their carpets are still being developed and produced today in accordance with three distinctive procedures: knitting, weaving, and tufting.


The carpets 2404 are build using strong cables which combine 3 colours. These cables are 100% ECONYL, as a result, the carpets are suitable for any application. Econyl is a  yarn made from discarded fishing nets or other PA6 waste products, contributing to the sustainable production of carpet fibres without losing quality and reducing waste and environmental pollution.


Why use Polyamide Econyl?


Well, this material has a lot of advantages over other materials.

The material is very strong, as we know is made from fishing nets and they are tough. As the fibres are smooth it is also easy to clean and maintain, which is a great plus for any property. Last, but not least, it has a long lifespan. This means you can enjoy your carpet even longer.


Why choose Van Besauw?


Van Besouw gives every room the correct personality, their carpets offer endless customization, thanks to their special colours and custom rugs. It is important to remember that ever carpet can be produced as a rug as well, finishing the facility with a subtle edge to luxury.

The Flooring Group is happy to supply and fit all Van Besauw carpets including the new one Van Besouw 2404.