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Commercial Flooring News

Vinyl And LVT By Distinctive Flooring

Specifying the flooring choice is not only what having it suit the space but also what works functionally.

The Destinctive’s LVT is a very robust and versatile, and is ideal for commercial spaces, with an option for every project. It provides more noise insulation than hardwood, stone or laminate. Moreover, it can give the end-user a more positive experience,  due to its warmth and price. LVT’s highly realistic and authentic look is often mistaken for the real thing.

Traditionally it is available in the click-and-glue-down format and can easily be installed on most subfloors and underfloor heating.

When comparing all flooring options, the LVT is a much more cost-effective particularly in larger or commercial spaces with no compromise on appearance. With the retail displays change, and all design trends evolving, plus increasing footfall, the commercial flooring choice is expected to go the distance or look and durability. That is why LVT is ideal for larger projects as they offer a product that will stand the test of time, is resistant to scratches, marks, and scuffs. The flooring is fully water-resistant and will never swell or buckle if exposed to water. This advantage makes it highly suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and bars.

Another huge benefit of Distinctive’s design flooring is its easy maintenance. Caring for the LVT floor is quick and easy; with just a quick sweep and mop, and the beauty of it is easily restored. Even better, there is no need for sporadical sanding or waxing. Distinctive’s LVT is also commercial cleaning friendly, to get rid of stubborn dirt or large areas.

Should you ever need to replace any tile, simply individual panels can be lifted and replaced, making the ongoing maintenance quicker than that of real hardwood or stone floors

In the rented commercial spaces the ‘Click’ products will provide the option of a ‘portable flooring’. All customers need is simply to have the floor lifted at the end of the tenancy and take this design flooring, wherever they go.

Have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us and browse our wide range of vinyl flooring products.