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Vinyl Flooring FAQs – Part 1

In this 2 part article The Flooring Group will answer the most common questions customers ask regarding Vinyl Flooring.

Basic use and durability

In terms of durability, the good news is that vinyl has a wear layer that protects from scratches. Yet, no vinyl product is 100% scratch proof, so over time, damages may occur. We recommend trying to keep all pet’s nails trimmed, sharp furniture edges covered and everything else that may cause scratch protected.

Can I put heavy appliances directly on it?

You can! Just make sure to use a non-staining large surface floor protector. And it is also a good idea to glue down the kitchen cabinets and appliances over the vinyl.

Can vinyl flooring be installed in the basement?

Waterproof vinyl flooring can be effectively used in basements. It can generally be installed even over uneven subfloors. But we recommend laying a vapour barrier underneath.

Can luxury vinyl flooring be used outdoors?

We do not recommend that even the vinyl flooring is waterproof. UV sun rays can cause fading and weather changes, in general, can damage the flooring over time.

Will vinyl expand in time?

Some vinyl flooring will not expand unless under extreme conditions. We always recommend leaving a small expansion gap around the perimeter.

How much does vinyl cost?

Vinyl flooring options come in three main types: planks, tiles, and sheets. And among them are different features, such as a peel & stick installation, a rigid core, and waterproof core vinyl. Basically, there is a lot of choices and the different features will raise or lower the price point.

What is the main difference between WPC, LVF and SPC?

WPC vinyl is wood-plastic composite vinyl flooring, or many people call it also waterproof core vinyl flooring. It is the best of luxury vinyl flooring.

SPC stands for stone-plastic(polymer) composite and is also referred to as Rigid Core luxury vinyl flooring. SPC is 100% waterproof.

LVF is the acronym for luxury vinyl flooring. It is of a higher-quality visual, and usually has a basic glue down or interlocking installation mechanism.

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