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Visual Code™ – Interface Latest Carpet Collection

Since their birth computers have ingratiated themselves completely into human work and play. People balance the material wonder of technology with their nature’s spiritual demands.

Some makers of technology have given their gadgets a warmth and tactility that potentially humanises their constant presence. David Oakey’s latest Interface collection Visual Code™ celebrates both technology and handcrafted products. Within the collection, Circuit Board joins the virtual and the sensorial. The dynamic lines in this pattern evoke electronics, while its low pile softens a circuitry image. It is a fact, that thanks to that texture, the pattern is more reminiscent of Aztec motifs. Circuit Board’s vivid reds resemble springtime blooms which energise and inspire people after the grey wintertime.

The Visual Code patterns called Static Lines and Hard Drive also combine the analogue and digital, by fusing traditional garment patterns with glitch art. This aesthetic treatment references distorted electronics and corrupted data. And while Circuit Board of Visual Code is the most balanced combination of high-tech and high-touch, the Static Lines and the Hard Drive demonstrate a shift toward handcraft.

The other seven remaining patterns in Visual Code redistribute that balance even more toward age-old textiles. The Plain Stitch, Stitchery, and Stitch Count are representing tight weaves while the other four – Black & White series feature graphic streaks and nubby surfaces. Thus all customers tastes can be suited -those who lean toward simplicity and calm, and the other with more playful and optimistic interpretations.

Also, Visual Code’s diversity can be useful in a single space. The base product could cover 60% or even 70% of an interior, but the collection is also oriented towards all the meeting rooms, the collision spaces, private offices, the general places where to get solitude, that all require something a little special. This collection can bring all of that together.

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