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Watch Out for False Advertising

Our London flooring specialists will inform you today about the false advertisements which the flooring companies often pull off and everything is swept under the rug quickly after. We all know that everyone has the right to advertise their product but there are certain rules which should be considered from both companies and customers alike.

  • It probably isn’t a secret that there are entire institutions who are responsible for those rules and every business should be aware and abide by the currently established regulations. We have all probably stumbled upon some obvious bad examples without even knowing or paying attention, such as offers who are ending tomorrow for half price who are chanted across media for a week.
  • The independent Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) operate with broadcast and non-broadcast advertising. They take care of all the misleading and false advertisement, as well as the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA), who have added that every public statement in regards to goods or service needs to be relevant to the quality of the product compared to the standard of CRA. And other associations like the Unfair Trading Regulations (CPR) and Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), all of them contributing towards a balanced and fair marketing.
  • London flooring professionals explain that the rules for submitting an advertisement are quite simple, it shouldn’t involve any offensive, harm, aggressive or misleading content. When applying it should resemble the appropriate product, the targeted audience of the advert and if it doesn’t break any of the CPR’s rules, such as unfair commercial practices. A deceiving advert is considered so based on if the customer is forced to take an instant transactional decision due to false information. Nowadays those are seen mostly online, since it is harder to regulate, this is where the ASA steps in.
  • What is the fine when crossing the line you might ask? If it is reported and confirmed the ASA can force the content of the advert to be changed or taken down, which sounds ridiculous considering how many customers can be involved in a scam before proper actions are taken. Those associations often operate together, for example this can be taken to the CPR and the person responsible for violating the law can be fined or even face up to two years prison time.
  • Our London flooring companies are all aware of the law in this industry, and every professional company has stated customer’s rights on their site. As a customer you should keep in mind that defective products can be returned back within 30 days and receive a refund. If the damaged product isn’t rejected by the customer, he/she can ask for a repair, reduction of the cost initially paid or if it is a service it can be performed again.

The Flooring Group thought that it is in the interest of every customer facing issues with a company to know their rights and take the most appropriate action at the right time.

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