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What About The New Floorlayer Trailblazer Apprenticeship?

While you read this article, a new floor layer apprenticeship standard is being developed by 10 employers that run floor laying businesses. The need for this standard is a result of the big changes which the government has made in all apprenticeships in England in terms of assessment, content and funding. Now let`s see what do the changes look like – our London flooring specialists will share below:

  • We’ve already mentioned in one of our previous articles that in April the introduction of the apprenticeship levy states that employers with pay bill over £3 million annually are required to contribute to the new levy. London flooring professionals explain that the new changes are linked to the funding of apprenticeship programmes. Fortunately, the government has committed to fund 90% of the cost of assessment and training for apprentices. Yet, if you are a small employer (here read with 50 employees or fewer), you will be funded 100% for each 16-18 year-old apprentice.
  • The next change which flooring experts in London point out is that a few years ago the government decided to phase out existing apprenticeships and use new trailblazer standards instead. They are designed by employers and written on A4. This is way more convenient to understand by potential apprentices and career advisors.
  • The last change is a final assessment (known as end-point assessment) that shows apprentice’s skills, knowledge and behaviour at the end of the apprenticeship. This ensures they meet the standard requirements before qualifying. All these changes had their impact on every sector in construction and London flooring experts say that high-quality and meeting the needs of the sector will be greatly facilitated by adopting these changes as soon as possible.
  • Another interesting fact is that so far the apprenticeships funded by the government were only for textile and resilient finishes. Therefore, the abovementioned group of employers proposed new apprenticeship standard to open government funding for wood London flooring. This is also included in the final assessment.
  • However, London flooring professionals say that there is a question ahead – if the existing two apprenticeships (for resilient and textile floorcoverings) are covered by the companies what happens when the wood floorcovering is not in the range of the company`s experience? Should the apprentices show good knowledge and competence in all areas? It is challenging for apprentices and London flooring experts must decide whether to create 2 pathways – one to place the textile and resilient as they currently are and then to offer the wood floorcovering route available?
  • Being given the unique chance to discuss and debate on the new standard, the group of employers say that they want the apprenticeship to engage as many employers as possible so after that the apprentices can be delivered efficiently by providers and colleges. This will lead to great increase in the number of floorlayer apprentices funded by the government.

London flooring experts say that the preparation of the assessment plan will take up to several months. In the meantime, everyone involved in the industry will do their best to invest in the skills of the future workforce of the sector!

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