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What Risks Do Calcium Sulphate Screeds Hide?

There are certain things about screeds that generally contractors might not know or pay as much attention to, however that’s where our London specialists step in to provide us with some insight on today’s topic. We from The Flooring Group recommend fastening your seat belts as it gets a little complicated.

You are going to learn why are we using more and more calcium sulphate screeds and what is the whole process and risks behind applying them. As an example you can take the anhydrite floors.

These screeds are frequently used because:

  • Easily cover large areas in a short period of time
  • Compared to others they have short drying time so you could install your floor sooner
  • Their drying time can be further shortened by force drying after the recommended 7 days

London Flooring contractors should keep in mind when installing a new floor that they need to determine if the subfloor is ready for this procedure to be carried out and the harmony between the calcium sulphate screeds and smoothing underlayments have been achieved.

Before installing the smoothing underlayment, the specialist should make sure that the calcium sulphate screed is dry, has smooth surface and there aren’t any impurities that might interfere in the finished look of it. Even if enough time had passed already, making a moisture measurement test is must in our book as it assures that the subfloor will be dry enough to proceed normally with our work. If it is a wooden floor make sure the relative humidity is below 65%, and for all others below 75% should be fine to proceed with the next step in the instalment, especially if it is cement and calcium sulphate, applying it on a damp surface can lead to production of ettringite, which can lead to a failure.
Priming of the ettringite is absolutely mandatory as it improves appearance, performance and adhesion in the underlayment and also prevents the product from rapidly drying.

Keeping this in mind when installing of calcium sulphate floors will always come in handy regardless if you are in the flooring industry or not. Overall, The Flooring Group suggest that you always choose carefully the products before purchasing and to stick to our recommendations stated above to assure success in your project.

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