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What To Pick? Choose The Thick!

Today, we will discuss the use of thicker and larger format floor tiles and why they are becoming a popular solution in London commercial flooring sector. They can create the illusion of spaciousness for both interior and exterior projects. So, what are the other benefits that thick floor tiles offer? The ones who benefit the most from their use are the designers and architects – read on and find more information below!

  • Typically, the thickness of tiles used for London flooring commercial projects is 10mm. However, a new trend that becomes more and more popular is the use of larger format and thicker tiles – for external application, many architects and designers have started opting for 20mm. The essential benefit of these tiles is that because of their bigger thickness, they allow the designers to create a more uniform look in outdoor spaces when compared to 10mm thick tiles. This provides an outstanding visual impact that makes outdoor areas look more harmonious and appealing. London flooring experts point out that this aesthetic features together with the demonstrated technical performance, makes this London flooring solution an extremely attractive option. 20mm thick tiles are usually utilised in two different systems – Pedestal and Loose lay. Because of that, this product allows to be installed in diverse application methods.
  • Let’s start with Pedestal system – it is normally specified in both residential and commercial applications for terraces and balconies. This approach is appropriate for transforming prior unusable spaces, such as uneven or irregular sloping areas, into useful ones. London flooring specialists explain that these systems generally feature tiles with suitable slip-resistant characteristics for outdoor use. The gap between the thick tiles provides a hollow technical space which can be used for covering pipes, cables, wires and unsightly roof spaces. Another added benefit which flooring professionals in London state is that the gap provides positive drainage – this will prevent ponding, therefore, the risk of slips is reduced even more. This drainage technique is a very practical solution in landscapes and gardens that are prone to floods. Furthermore, the use of pedestal systems allows ongoing inspections and maintenance underneath decking areas. London flooring experts say that no adhesives are required as most pedestals are kept in place by the tiles` weight. The tiles are placed on enduring and height adjustable pedestal pieces with joints which are correctly aligned due to 4 spacers in the upper part. This allows an identical joint width of about 4mm.
  • Now, about the loose lay. This approach is a great option for gardening and outdoor installations. Some of the 20mm thick tiles can be lied on gravel substrates and grass directly. This method provides an innovative way of paving outdoor areas without the need of being mechanically fixed. Again, a big advantage is the fact that no adhesive is needed. London flooring installers say that concrete or grouts beds offer major environmental benefit for designers, architects as well as for the installers themselves. Note that the product can be reused – you can move it or replace it without a hassle. It is very unlikely to happen but in case of damage, the user can simply replace tiles by lifting them off the gravel. The installation process is easy and quick but it doesn’t make any compromises with the aesthetic appeal. A reputable London flooring company points out that this approach is very flexible in its capabilities. Users are provided with the opportunity to plate slabs adjacent to one another and create beautiful pathways by installing individual slabs onto the gravel support.

Some London flooring companies offer a large variety of 20mm thick tile options to suit all design trends and styles. They vary from wood effect tiles, to earthy and natural textured ones, to modern marble, slate, limestone and concrete effect, there is a solution for every application. London flooring experts will help you make the right choice!

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