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When Flooring Protection Is All On The Surface

Just as with most of the aspects of interior design, trends within the wood London flooring industry change constantly. Recently, different professional interior designers, specifiers and even enthusiastic amateurs started to share their ideas through social medias – having these ideas online helps many London flooring contractors and homeowners to stay on top of the flooring trends and inspire themselves for their projects.

  • The style that remains popular is the Scandinavian interior style – it involves whitewashed London flooring with grey furniture. This style is trendy because of the uncomplicated and simple look combined with soft textures and neutral tones. However, in the recent years more geometrical and monochrome approach has become really popular.
  • London flooring specialists say this new look can be described with few typical features – geometric patterns and sharp contrasts, using rugs, patterned soft furnishings and hand-cut mosaic tiles. An increase in the usage of darker tones can be noticed – deep blue and charcoal walls which are complemented by darker London flooring solutions are known to provide luxury Bohemian feel.
  • Flooring contractors in London point out that light grey and white-tinted are still popular but now London flooring is emerging with dark-coloured, wide-planked flooring solutions. This trend becomes more and more widespread as well as reclaimed London flooring – sustainability is an essential factor for a lot of specialists including architects and specifiers.
  • The most stylish hotels, restaurants, bars and homes are adopting successfully the luxury Bohemian style, taking advantage of mosaic and different wood London flooring. The challenge that London flooring contractors face is that they should be capable of translating the ideas of the customers into the reality using reliable and straightforward treatments.
  • Oils for wood London flooring solutions are suited for a level of desired aesthetics. For instance, non-pigmented oils give rich colour to many different timber species and provide a very flat matt finishing. When speaking of pigmented oils, London flooring specialists say that these oils offer colours for the flooring that can be augmented and provide contrasting tones that bring your London flooring back to life by using coloured pre-treatments. Oils are known for being limited when it comes to durability in high traffic but this is not the case with over-coating with lacquer. When the desired effect is produces, the surface can be provided with over-coat in order to achieve unrivaled durability.
  • Staining London flooring can also produce appealing effects – with the usage of water-popping, which is a process of dampening the timber and allowing it to dry before the application of stain, many different intensities can be achieved from a single stain application.

These aspects are important especially when London flooring contractors are facing high-wear cases – if the surface will deteriorate and bare timber will be exposed flooring specialists will face another challenge.

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