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When The Heart Hits The Floor

We at The Flooring Group Ltd. know what it takes to serve customers with care and attention. The long work hours, the irregular time schedules – all that flexibility is accumulated in the form of stress and backfires at the worst moment.

All flooring experts start work quite early in the day, rarely having time to help with the breakfast or taking the children to school. Their morning begins at 6 or 7 am with a cuppa in a hurry and strive to race through the traffic to get to work as fast as possible. They know that turning down or losing customers is fatal to the business and work hard to maintain the standards they advertise. Retailers, contractors and other suppliers can afford a normal work time – the flooring technicians cannot.

    Not only those employees suffer from lack of sleep, but also continuous stress and exhaustion. Here a few of the disadvantages of that type of work:

  • Malnutrition – the hectic work time not only disturbs the normal body function, but also the metabolism is highly affected by the lack of proper food and time for consummation. Flooring guys have no time to eat properly cooked food and rely on packed, fast food or none at all. This not only damages the body and its normal function, but has a permanent effect on the future health.
  • Lack of sleep – this deprivation may lead to high blood sugar levels; nervousness and tension within the body. Exhaustion may reflect every aspect of the normal day life with huge impact going forward.
  • Heart conditions and a shortage of breath – most of the employees suffer premature heart-related illnesses due to the first two conditions and their monotonous temp of life.
  • Back and knee problems – it is a well known fact the flooring specialist work almost all the time standing and or banded in half. This affects the spine and knee joints and causes serious problems leading to untimely retirement.

So it is not only advisory but compulsory to be kind to the flooring specialist that comes to assess your floor and continue with the work on it. The Flooring Group Ltd strives to provide all employees the necessary holidays and days for rest as we understand the importance of being fresh and eager to work. We value our employees to the same extent we value our customers as happy personnel leads to happy customers and growth in our business.