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Which Is The Best Flooring For A University’s Estate?

Every university’s estate consists of a wide range of buildings. As they are designed for various purposes they have different flooring requirements. London flooring contractors should make the right decisions in the starting point of the project so unnecessary and additional expenses for the university are avoided. In this article London flooring experts will share what is essential when it comes to consideration for specifying floor-coverings for a university’s estate. As flooring is the largest surface area of any building and in this line of thoughts of any university, flooring professionals in London point out that choosing a suitable material is crucial because students will have contact with it every day. Learn more about the importance of installing the right flooring in a university below.

  • With regards to choosing the right colours, a respected London flooring company says that this can make a great difference to the environment as some colours may help to improve visual processing. Flooring professionals in London recommend bright-colored and patterned flooring because they will stimulate students` mind for more excellent learning. A university that has already tried this design approach says that installing carpet tiles in different colours has helped their students to identify the study and break-out areas better and inspiring visual effects were achieved.
  • In order to suit the university’s particular needs for each area, it is important to distinguish the right flooring solutions for every place – from toilets to laboratories, kitchens and sport halls. London flooring contractors suggest installation of a high-quality London flooring where students study electronics, for instance, so that the static discharge is controlled. Following this example, when it comes to installing flooring for shower blocks, flooring experts in London recommend choosing safe and non-slippery commercial flooring so any accidents are avoided.
  • London flooring contractors say that durable floor-coverings should be installed in the corridors as they are high-traffic areas and they are exposed to wheel and footfall treads on daily basis. A recommended London flooring solution for the main walkway areas is Marmoleum.
  • Another aspect that should be carefully considered is installing suitable flooring for the university’s entrances as over 90% of the dirt is being walked into the building through there. Flooring contractors in London favor installing floors that are easy to clean as this will reduce the maintenance costs overall.

With this great variety of floor-coverings that can be installed across the university estates, London flooring contractors should establish the finest flooring solutions by liaising with clients directly and then coordinating with a reliable flooring manufacturer. This will ensure the installation of the most appropriate floors that suit the different requirements of a particular university.

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