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Which Surfaces Can Win A Gold Medal?

With the Summer Olympic Games in Rio this month, London flooring specialists are making a comparison with the Olympic Games in London 2012 and state some important facts when it comes to choosing flooring type for sports. The good news is that many schools are focused on sports, therefore, choosing the right flooring is of utmost importance. Rio is a very vibrant city and has a significant international role in the history of sports – you definitely know about their football heritage. London flooring experts will reveal what are the essential aspects when choosing floors for sports facilities and more information about the flooring for the impending Olympiad.

  • When choosing the floor for Olympic Games, without a doubt, an essential part is the creation of a celebratory atmosphere. London flooring contractors state that the looks achieved are a lot more than a branding exercise. The areas should appeal the spectators, the athletes and, of course, the cameras. When such a big event is held the safety and health requirements are subjected to huge consideration as a poorly installed flooring can be the reason behind serious accidents and injuries. One London flooring company explains that what a floor needs so it is safe and suitable for a sport practice is an easy maintenance, durability, it should be adherent and impact absorbing. The same goes when flooring is installed in educational sports environments.
  • London flooring experts state that quality sports floors are provided with extra shock-absorbing properties that will additionally decrease the chances of injury. If a floor in a sports facility is too hard, it won’t be efficient in reducing injuries and strain during physical activities. As you know, many of the sports include turning around, jumping and twisting and only the right specifics of the flooring can protect the athletes and students from hurting themselves.
  • When discussing Rio Games, London flooring experts say that we should expect patterns and rainbow colours to be available, when referring to the past experience from London Olympics in 2012. So far, we can only assume but as far as we know that Brazil is a colourful country (look at their carnival!) a lot of colours are supposed to be happening.
  • The right flooring solutions in terms of quality and durability are crucial for such event. London flooring professionals point out that after the Olympiad, when children are sports- mad inspired by watching the incredible talents and grace of the athletes, the same sports are expected to be encouraged in the school sports halls. Floors in these environments should be chosen with the same attention to details.

All of our education authorities and schools need to make a well-informed decision when installing sports sports flooring. London flooring contractors warn that floors for different sports differ and have to enhance athletic performance. Have fun watching the Olympic Games in Rio and pay close attention to the flooring – providing safe and at the same time fabulous flooring deserves a Gold medal!

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