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Who Doesn’t Want Shiny Floors?

In order to get the best from a London flooring, the products and the equipment have to fit the purpose. There are a wide variety of machines that can perform good cleaning and maintenance. London flooring experts explain that what they can do depends on their speed – for example, the ones that have a speed up to 200 rpm can perform scrubbing tasks and the ones that have a speed between 200 – 400 rpm can both scrub and polish. Their weight lies directly on the cleaning pad and these models are known as full head weight machines. However, their main disadvantage is the need for operative training.

  • Fortunately, London flooring experts say that there are machines that do not require operative training. The UHS models (Ultra High Speed) can operate from 500 rpm and above. They differ in design and the weight is put on the wheels. The sizes also vary – from 11 to 21 inches. The colour of the pad can serve as an indicator for the cleaning power – the darker the pad, the more aggressive the power is – it is the key to the performance levels.
  • An issue that can’t be really solved is which is the best floor cleaning or maintaining product. Every manufacturer has their own version – they range in quality and price. They can be used to form a seal on the London flooring – it requires mechanical action to harden the product. London flooring professionals point out that the more mechanical action the harder and better the seal.
  • You should know that maintainers are also available in spray form that are appropriate for cleaner London flooring. If you want a shinier floor, take a maintainer with a higher level of solids – be prepared to pay a little more money as they tend to be more costly. However, if you combine high-solids maintainer with a high speed machine, you will achieve impeccable final results!
  • We should note that machines from 400rpm and above can be vacuumated. There are two types of vacuum – positive and passive dust collection systems. In the first one the vacuum motor sucks up the dust; on the latter, the draught caused by the spinning pad directs dust into a bag. The positive dust collection system in known to be more effective. London flooring experts say that all UHS machines should have a skirt to seal the machines to the flooring to prevent any dust.
  • Flooring contractors in London point out that different floors have different needs. For example, safety flooring doesn’t typically have a seal on it. London flooring solutions appropriate for maintenance and cleaning with machines and special products include linoleum, sealed and non-porous stones, thermoplastics, sealed concrete, sealed wood and painted floors.

Floor maintenance and cleaning can be straightforward and cost-effective when the right materials and equipment are used. They can help you extend the life of your precious London flooring through initial careful specification!

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