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Who’s Fault Is It?

The Flooring Group is here to discuss a very important topic, that probably affects every functioning business. Like any other company, our London flooring companies are no exception in this regard. Today, we chose to discuss what our employers or we as an employer lacks in maintaining a healthy environment for the operating staff. We are talking about an environment which yearns to accomplish a balance between financial satisfaction, fulfillment in completing a task, engaging atmosphere and a teamwork synergy. Everyone, especially the employer should be aware of how crucial a loss of a valuable member in a company can be. London flooring contractors explain that to them losing an employee, equals to having to find a replacement, the replacement needs to be taught by other employees who also waste time instead of performing their duties, this member might not be warmly accepted or incapable of immediately diving into the working ethic of this establishment and so on which causes further inconvenience.

There are even experts on the topic who can shed a bit of light on the most common circumstances, which make an employee seek better opportunities elsewhere. We have asked privately flooring experts and other member from London flooring firms on their opinions, and we have gathered and compared the information. Some of them are:

1. Payment delay or other complications
2. Payment abuse by not rewarding extra work or overtime, often leaves employees discouraged to perform better or stay longer
3. False promises in a career progress or simple raise of the salary
4. Neglecting an employee’s deserved time off in a short notice
5. Having the feel that the worst tasks are often given to be performed by the employee or uneven distribution of work between all company members
6. Constant distrustful supervision in harassing manner or bullying by other superiors or more experienced coworkers

After those conclusions, who were confirmed by the majority, where exactly lies the core mistake made by the hypothetical employer here? Not being aware of the employer’s law, intentionally ignore the work process or simply has the mindset that everyone is replaceable completely ignoring staff values and ideas? Maybe some or all of it, regardless of your answer it has been confirmed that respect and valuing staff is a receipt for accomplishing this thing called “healthy work environment”. Even if the company lacks in some aspects they can always be compensated with a suitable approach from the employer, just a listening to the employees needs, taking the appropriate actions and a simple “Thank you!” should work just fine.

The Flooring Group will be happy to share this information and educate our employers in the flooring industry because we know that everyone can take notes and do better together!

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