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Why Do You Need To Recycle The Carpet And Carpet Tiles?

The Flooring Group has been aware that tonnes of carpet waste are being thrown out every year. The amount has exceeded 400 000t – an official figure from the 2017 annual Carpet Recycle UK conference held for the ninth time. The event was created in search of a way to tackle with the ever growing amount of waste and reusing it by creating a cycle that will save up money to both producer and consumer.

Here below you can find a few key points why you should be supporting the idea and following its perspective.

  • The director of the Carpet Recycling UK Laurence Bird objective is the realisation that the circle will provide a choice of the economy to reuse the existing resources, thus lowering the cost of production. The final result will be low market price and affordable flooring diversity.
  • The recovery of the material is made available in all carpet producing companies. Each has created its own way of deliverance and exchange and even stimulation by coupons or discounts.
  • Organisation of a sustainable chain between producers and customers is already in the making and the social media are in great help into reaching more potential parties.

There still lies the problem of putting all those ideas into work. The foundation has been laid but the actual provision is still far from being well organised. The waste is considerable in size and litter collection companies face a great problem collecting it. Specialised waste trucks and warehouses are in the process of making. The materials still need to go under strict segregation to be both clean and pure and ready to be used again.

Nevertheless, the future is made now and it will not be difficult to be a part of it. We have to think of ourselves as consumers and providers in the same time. To save nature and our planet takes only a little effort. The Flooring Group will be a reliable partner.

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