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Why Dust At The Workplace Should Not Be Underestimated

Not only London flooring specialists are exposed to dust in their workplace. Every single workplace that you can think of collects dust and the employees exposure to it should not be something to neglect. The things you should know about dust and these advices from our London flooring company should be taken into account.

  • The dust itself consists of tiny, dry particles left in the air as a result of materials being cut, drilled, sanded, etc. – common things that are done by our flooring experts in London. However, a lot of other work activities can create dust too. Sometimes the particles are not visible to the naked eye and the long-term exposure to dust can result in some health issues.
  • Dust can cause some serious health problems just by breathing it into our lungs. Our London flooring professionals warn that inhalable dust consists of large particles that get trapped in the mouth, nose or the respiratory tract and it may take up to several years to develop . However, there is dust that is tiny enough but still harmful if breathed deeply into the lungs. Both large particles and fine ones may cause serious damage in the respiratory system.
  • The swallowing of the dust is as dangerous as breathing it. Every London flooring company will explain that particles tend to stick to the mucus in the respiratory tract and if being swallowed they can get into the digestive tract and cause some irritations. Following the same pattern, dust particles may get in the bloodstream and lead to some health issues in other organs.
  • As we already mentioned dust particles are produced when we cut, drill or grind materials. Our experienced London flooring professionals recommend not to neglect the risk of eye contact with dust as some may harm your eyes really bad because of the chemical nature of dust.
  • Another risk for our health is the skin contact with dust. Our flooring experts in London say the dangerous materials which can lead to skin irritation or even dermatitis are fibreglass, wood dust and rubber processing chemicals. So employees that work with them should be extremely careful.

Of course, all dusts are different and some are more hazardous for our health than others. Our London flooring company notifies that some kinds of dust are known to develop serious health problems such as asthma and even lung cancer.

Hardwood dust is linked to developing nose cancer and other respiratory problems. This is why workers that are directly connected to this field (carpenters and joiners) must be most cautious. There are some limits for the amount of dust in the air which must not be surpassed. Every employer should educate their workers about the risks of the hardwood dust and the safety measures required. London flooring company knows that for every dusty job some face masks should be used as an additional protection. Our flooring professionals in London perform different tasks such as sanding and they are all familiar with the risks of the hardwood dust.

London flooring company, as any other firm should do, protects its workers from unnecessarily exposure to dust. All employers must ensure their employees are not under risk for their health as a result of the working activities and the needed measures should be taken.

One more thing that our flooring professionals in London mention is that construction dust is a great risk for the health as the regular exposure to it and breathing the particles may cause lung cancer, asthma and silicosis. This is why construction workers should be provided with working environment with reduced amounts of dangerous emissions and hazardous substances. Strict control is essential in order to minimise the health risks.

London flooring company recommends that all the employers should keep their workers informed. Useful information and trainings should be provided as well as safety instructions for people who work with dust such as maintenance staff. Keep your employees safe!

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