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Commercial Flooring News

Why Get A Rug

Let The Flooring Group point out the many advantages to rugs, such as creating comfort, visually dividing up rooms and other ideas of why to opt for a one.

Rugs always create cosiness
The long pile rug instantly creates a soft, luxurious surface underfoot. A low-key pattern works well with an angular style of an apartment, softening the angles and giving the living room a cosy feel.

Rugs improve the acoustics
Why soften a room with curtains when rugs can have the same effect? The textile surface will absorb sounds and optimise the room acoustics. The longer the pile, the greater the effect.

Rugs pull a room together
A rug under a dining set visually helps bring together a mix of styles. Old wooden chairs can be combined with modern design pieces.

Rugs protect from scratches and water damage
Parquet and hardwood floors are an expensive investment. That is why it is worth protecting valuable floors especially in high traffic areas as under a dining table where the scratches from dining chairs will definitely show. Flat pile rugs will be best there, as the chairs can be comfortably moved around over them.

Rugs add accents
Monochrome interior designs schemes can look overly clean, and sometimes they could use a little pump to liven them up. A colourful patchwork-style rug can create a visual balance

Rugs conceal unattractive floors
A rented home with unattractive PVC floors is not a dream of anyone. With simply investing in a beautiful rug to cover it up the problem can be solved.And after the tenancy ends, the rug can be taken out and the room returned to exactly as found.

Rugs absorb dust
Those with laminate floors in their homes know how quickly the dust gathers. The rugs hide dust while absorbing the particles between vacuuming sessions and reducing the fine dust in the air.