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Why Magnesite Is Not A Good Flooring Solution?

In this article, London flooring contractors will talk about features of magnesite flooring. First of all, London flooring experts will explain what is magnesite as a material. In brief, this is specialised cementitious product which is based on magnesium oxychloride (or magnesium oxysulfate) cements. The most popular form comprises the reaction between magnesium and solution of magnesium chloride. Here are more details:

  • London flooring specialists point, that the final product may comprise wood fibres, cork and some even asbestos; fillers of sawdust. London flooring contractors reveal, that pigments are also added. In the most common case, they are brick red in colour and straw yellow too. Ordinarily, they are laid at anything between 15-25mm thick.
  • London flooring experts remind, that these floors are very vulnerable to humidity. Moreover – magnesite floors are also corrosive with metals. London flooring contractors have seen magnesite with no DPM, with rising moisture vapour diffusing through the floor and evaporating away without harm.
  • London flooring companies are aware that bigger problems appear when on top of magnesite an impervious material is installed. Then, the outcome would be a moisture build up.
  • Another rule is not to cover magnesite flooring with DPM. In addition, magnesite is electrically conducting.
  • London flooring contractors claim, that magnesite is not as good as subfloor, because it’s moisture sensitive. If, it’s left humid, it will swell up and the filler may rot and produce awful smells. London flooring experts remind, that magnesite flooring is hydroscopic and so it will absorb dampness.
  • London flooring specialists help you to recognise magnesite flooring. First of all, watch for straw yellow and brick red colour. There are even cases when magnesite flooring may be even marbled. In order to make a test, you can use a naked flame which will make magnesite material to glisten.

London flooring contractors advise to uninstall the magnesite flooring if you will live in a property. It also contains asbestos. Another reason is that most magnesite floors are now out of date. That’s why they even have some cracks.

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