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Why Resin Flooring Goes Wrong

As this is a commonly asked question, let’s check out all the factors that may result in the failure of a resin floor. London flooring specialists have listed them below:

  • Incorrect preparation – many people have problems with understanding the term ‘correct preparation’ when speaking of resin floors. Providing a correct preparation is as important as the application itself. Sweep the floor, de-grease it, vacuum comprehensively before the coating work begins and don’t forget to check what the substrate requires.
  • Incorrect application – London flooring experts say many people neglect the fact that the process should be undertaken by an experienced, skilled installer that has broad knowledge and understanding of the process of applying a specific resin flooring system. Believe it or not, some installers do not want to apply certain systems in an incorrectly specified environment as they are not designed for such purpose. This is a sign that in front of you is standing a true flooring professional.
  • Incorrect materials – this is actually the least likely reason why a resin London flooring goes wrong. The procedures and checks are strict and quality assurance policies along with the vigorous cross-referencing of raw materials do not allow this to happen often.

If you have undertaken the floor preparation correctly, the resin floor can then perform as designed. A common mistake that London flooring professionals point out is that installers sometimes consider water-based resin coating as an all-purpose coating as it is cost-effective and it works fine. However, this doesn’t mean it is a one-size-fits all solution. Each flooring is unique so specification is needed. Fortunately, the choice of resin floor systems is far-ranging thanks to the technological advance.

So, what should happen to avoid the failure of a resin floor? You should understand the importance of preparation so London flooring experts highly recommend you to seek a professional preparation company. Don’t miss to take up references of the installer you are planning to engage with the project. Have in mind that usually ‘good’ and ‘cheap’ do not appear in one sentence when speaking of a professional resin flooring installer. You can also use an ‘industry approved’ resin flooring manufacturer and installer.

To conclude, we should say that every London flooring contractor has to ensure he has taken all measures to avoid a resin floor failure – after all people walk on your reputation each and every day!

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Credits: Martin Yarker, Industrial Resin Flooring Specialist at Mapei UK