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Why There Are Unexpected Expenses For Installing New Floor Over Screed?

Screed floors are not among the preferred ones – they tend to crack and be uneven, look dull and unpleasant as general. But laying a new one over is a task that involves a lot of hard work, experience and almost certain extra costs. With this article, we shall try to pin some of the common problems flooring contractors face and effective ways to avoid the pain. Finding the screed in poor condition will cause a serious delay in the installation of the new one, and often complete removal of the cracked screed.

  1. When faced with the only choice of removing the old screed and laying a new subfloor, customers must have in mind that sand/cement mixed screed take a long time to dry. The process can last up to a month depending on the thickness required. This is an obvious problem for those projects with strict deadlines. The solution comes in the form of fast- track technology. Recent brands have been offering upgraded stabilising products that can allow contractors to lay the floor and reinstate over the very next day. The service reinforcement system will take overnight and sustainably quicken the whole flooring process.
  2. Improper or cracked surface, uneven texture or generally weak screed – this is what the flooring technician will be obliged to work with. Once again the reinforcement system will come in handy. It will penetrate through the rough surface, fill in any small holes or gaps, even bind the loose particles resulting in stabilised and integrated subfloor.
  3. Underfloor heating combined with poor screed bring a great challenge to the flooring specialist. The high quality and purpose-designed reinforcement system will save up a lot of money and huge headaches. The normal drying time is from 2 to about 12 hours with the promise of providing a stable ground for further work.
  4. The reinforcement system can be found in a great variety of products suitable for each potential need. It can be used over calcium sulphate, sand and cement screeds, even if there are hot water pipes present. Every need has an adequate solution, which on the other hand has a specific price.

To conclude with the expenses are almost impossible to predict and can be altered during work progress. Yet it is useful to know that there are options which are both effective and more budget friendly.