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Why Timber Certification Is Essential?

Every London flooring contractor would tell you that the demand for environmentally-friendly goods is growing rapidly – the flooring industry in which a vast range of wood species plays significant part in the trade. Timber is preferred by a lot of people as it is durable, stylish and easily maintained flooring product. London flooring experts point out that wood brings an exquisite natural touch to any interior. However, the timber source should be legal and sustainable and the origin of the timber should be known.

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming well-informed about the importance of purchasing environmentally-friendly products. From commercial building owners to the residential markets, a lot of people are looking for a London flooring solution that is made from timber labeled as sustainable and legal. Both London flooring companies and customers are seeking an assurance that the products they buy are responsibly-sourced. Wood products usually take less energy in their production than other alternative materials and we should always consider the climate change and environmental issues related to them in order to preserve the forests and keep the timber usage under control.

  • More and more companies are looking to demonstrate that timber materials they use are from legal and sustainable sources in order to attract their clients. Most respected London flooring companies are doing this in response to regulatory and legislation requirements and deliver sustainability assurances on their flooring solutions to address social, environmental and ethical concerns. London flooring specialists say that fortunately there is a wide range of colours, species, textures and patterns that answer the needs of these concerns and are available for residential and commercial flooring in London. Species on the market include Cherry,Beech, Ash, Maple, Oak, Walnut and other – preferably they should be from a tropical nature as it is considered responsible and trusted source.
  • Consumers are often confused by the labels that claim that the products is environmentally-friendly. A company can’t just put an environmental label – certification is essential. Forest certification is a proof that forests are managed in line with economic, environmental and social needs and that Chain of Custody covers the traceability of the timber from the forest to the final flooring product and end-user. London flooring experts explain that certification is awarded only after a third party audit verifies that the practices meet the international standards. Customers trust environmental labels as this is the way that a London flooring company shows its commitment to responsible sourcing. Certification is extremely important to the future forests and everyone who works in this industry must make sure the timber comes from a responsibly-managed forest – using certified timber is mandatory.
  • Ska rating is an environmental assessment tool for sustainable fit-outs. It measures fit out-projects and is appropriate for London commercial flooring. It consists of over a hundred ‘good-practice’ measures which include waste, CO2 emissions, water, materials, energy efficiency and pollution. Ska rating is designed to be used by property stakeholders – developers, landlords, flooring contractors and consultants.

Providers of London high-quality flooring products should be committed to protect global forestry and offer sustainable flooring solutions – London flooring services must provided with certified timber only.

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