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Commercial Flooring News

Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring By Itec

The Concept Woods vinyl flooring collection is perfect for use in high-wear areas such as corridors, halls and congregation areas. It has a Class 34 Very Heavy Commercial rating and now a brand-new more authentic wood look. The range is suited for almost everywhere, especially in school refurbishments.


The Concept Woods is already a go-to collection for many contractors and specifiers, as it covers the bases of classic oak and grey planks. The collection features familiar designs such as Tavel and Calais, as well as the new Groutless Wood and Chevron Oak, all with the manufacturer’s most forward-thinking wood looks. The whole collection is entirely done with the new T-emboss technology that allows easier maintenance, better stain- and slip-resistance and improved aesthetics via reduced light-reflectance.


With Hyperguard+ PUR technology, this collection retains its aesthetic integrity with minimal maintenance. It is available in two and four-metre widths, both fully-compatible with Invisiweld. This combination of a four-metre width and Invisiweld is vital in maintaining the visual ethos of the floor, especially in a finish such as Groutless Wood. It reduces the number of seams and makes them almost impossible to spot.


The Groutless Wood is similar to the ‘endless’ wood look, one very unique take on the aesthetic that underlines vinyl’s capacity to imagine natural sources from a new perspective. Available in white-washed and grey-washed oak, this striking design mixes the popularity of seamless finishes with the warmth and the familiarity of wood.

In the Chevron Oak, all commercial interiors have access to a classic parquet look without the accompanying fuss. The design is available in dark grey, light grey, and light-natural colourways, creating a vintage feel of solid oak. It contributes to the collection by giving 15 wood effect vinyl floors, all with the enduring performance of Itec Contract Floors decorative floors.