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Wood Flooring For Dog Owners

Wood floors and dogs cannot ever mix. Unless declawing the beautiful furry friend is on the list, you need to adjust the floor to the dog, not the dog to the floor.

Truth is that the best floor for a home with dogs is not wood at all. Take a pick of the alternative: vinyl, laminate, tile, or stone.

Nonetheless, there are customer who live for having wood floors, and here are a few options:

Brazilian Walnut or Ipe

Brazilian hardwood flooring is extremely hard and dense. On the other hand, Ipe, which is often called Brazilian walnut, is also hard enough.

Hard Maple

For a flooring on the domestic front, hard maple is the choice to go for.

Hard maple has been used as a surface for basketball courts, so it must stand up well to pet traffic. Despite its impressive hardness, it can gouge if the dog is heavy or unusually active.

Bamboo – Strand-Woven

Bamboo is a grass, but in the flooring industry, it is mainly classified as wood. It is very durable.

The Best Wood Floor Is Not a Wood Floor

Recently, wood-look substitutes have begun to look very similar to wood highly due to improved imaging and embossing techniques.

  • Wood-Look Ceramic Tile: Plank-sized with more realistic patterns than ever to give up their true origin only under close examination.
  • Wood-Look Laminate: It will not resist deep scratches but its wear layer does an excellent job of warding off lighter ones.

So, with all the above options, it is only up to customers to decide their new flooring and enjoy its longevity together with the furry friend.