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Woodpecker Naturally Inspired Flooring

Wood flooring is a popular choice for commercial spaces as it has a long durability, provides natural style and is timeless. Nowadays there are various colours, patterns and ways wood floors can be fitted in spaces, that can be used to divide the ‘big space’ into sections.

Using wood flooring as a means of defining spaces, is more subtle than using walls or furniture, as it brings a consistent natural look. Here are a few ways you can divide the space into sections.

Using Wood to create distinct areas

Open plan designs make spaces feel roomy and modern and with special zoning, the environment does not feel endless and boring. Using a different type of wood to the surrounding area, makes the zone easy to spot. Examples of this is if planks are laid in a different direction, or mixing the design with a different type of wood creates a distinct area.

Using Wood to create walkways

Walkways can be created distinct using other styles of wood flooring or coverings than the ones already present. Mixing wood and carpet can also be used when you want to add depth and define a specific region of the floor.

With an all wood floor, you can lay the planks in a different direction to specify the walkway. Laying planks width-ways in a long hallway, can help change the perception of the space, giving it the effect of a wider but shorter space.

Pairing Contrasting Styles of Wood

All wood workspaces have simple ways to define the different zones, by using different styles and colours of wood for example, one can create a consistent but a bit more exciting design, and that helps define the different zones.

Paring wood with similar tones can create stylish sections in a space, or you can use more bold contrasts to make the zones stand out.

Using Parquet to make a statement

Parquet wood flooring has a beautiful natural character and is eye catching patterns, but it can also be used to make bold statements and striking features.

You can easily create a very interesting effect when you run parquet on the entryway and along the wall for a modern look.

Pairing wood with carpets

The contrast in textures helps create a noticeable difference between different sections. One such contrast is when pairing wood flooring with carpets, especially in environments where coustics are a major factor.

The mix is perfect for those looking for both the natural feel of the wood and the colourful options present with the carpets. Using carpets in more frequented areas and to dampen sound, and wood in walkways is bound to add a little character and style to any space.