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Wool Vs. Polypropylene Carpet

The Flooring Group will help you make the right choice when choosing carpet for your home with the following article. Even though some may say that the wool versus man-made carpets debate is no longer important due to both having a rightful place in the market, the choice still stands for many.

How carpets look and perform is entirely dependent on the fibre content. It has a bearing on durability, retention, feel, resilience, appearance, practicality and price.

Wool is an incredible natural fibre that offers superb resilience to tear and wear and general soiling. It is used mostly for the hallway, stairs or landing, as a hardwearing practical carpet, like a wool mix blend, is more than ideal. These areas suffer a lot of footfall and soiling, so in the long term this choice pays dividends to spending slightly more for higher quality carpets.

On the other hand, polypropylene is a great ‘family friendly’ fibre, as it is ideal for children’s bedrooms or playrooms where sticky fingers and spills are always present. Bedroom carpets do not receive as regular use, so carpets with more luxurious qualities can be placed there.

For the living room or the dining room, a perfect option can be either a wool mix or a heavier weight polypropylene.

Benefits of wool carpet

  • Very hard wearing and long lasting
  • Retains its original pile shape and height
  • Recovers relatively quickly from furniture compression
  • Is naturally flame resistant
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable in fibre

Benefits of polypropylene carpet

  • High stain resistance
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Relatively durable
  • Perfect colour fastness
  • Excellent value for money

As a reputable retailer, The Flooring Group will discuss the options with every customer and will clearly explain the benefits of one carpet over another. Trending carpet collections can be viewed on our website and our London showrooms.