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Reliable Flooring Solutions in Notting Hill

Wooden flooring in a minimalist room

Residential and commercial establishments are vastly different in design, purpose and construction, but they have a shared need for high-quality flooring. An expertly-designed and constructed floor can improve the look and feel of a home, for example, and help create a pleasant, welcoming ambience in an office or store. More importantly, it ensures that people have a smooth, reliable surface to walk on — no loose tiles that could trip them up and cause minor accidents.

Entrust your floors to The Flooring Group. We offer flooring solutions in Notting Hill for homeowners and building administrators. Having started our business since 1973, we are an established contracting company that has laid out all types of flooring in properties all over London. We also have showrooms and offices in Knightsbridge, Islington, Kensington and Hampstead.If your property is located in the W11 area, we are in the best position to provide for all your flooring needs.

Our Guarantees

The Flooring Group offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. It is a policy that benefits our customers and informs our approach to doing business.

Since our goal is to provide high-calibre services and products that meet our strict standards, we’re continuously improving our craft and mastering how to work more efficiently. Our floor technicians are insured, vetted and trained to handle all kinds of flooring materials. They are also mindful of your time and respect your property, working efficiently to keep the interruption to your routine at a minimum.

We offer high-quality flooring at reasonable prices. Our customer care staff is ready to help, from flooring selection to booking a date for the installation or repair. We understand the needs of business owners, as well as the limitations many homeowners face. You can count on our guidance throughout the floor construction process.

Highly-Recommended Contracting Company

There’s nothing quite like the sincere thanks of customers who tell us how pleased they were with our services. We’re deeply honoured (and grateful) whenever we hear a previous client recommend The Flooring Group as a go-to flooring contractor.

We’re proud of the positive reviews and loyal customers we earned through sheer dedication and hard work. Many of our new clients are friends and acquaintances of happy customers who recommended The Flooring Group as the go-to supplier and installer of flooring materials in Notting Hill.

Visit our showrooms throughout London and take a look at samples of our products. We have customer service representatives who can provide the information you need. We can help you choose the most appropriate flooring type for your property and schedule the installation. Lastly, you can also look forward to maintenance tips for your new floors.

Call us on 0207 609 1234 and ask all your questions.

What We Offer


Find excellent residential and commercial flooring options at The Flooring Group. We offer the following to residential and commercial customers:

    • A wide selection of flooring products – Given our numerous stores and showrooms in South England, customers have plenty of flooring options to choose from. We supply vinyl, cork and rubber flooring, hardwood, carpets, Marmoleum, and ancillary materials for floor restorations and installations.
    • Reasonable prices – Our price list will impress you. We offer fair and competitive rates for our high-quality and long-lasting residential and commercial flooring materials.
    • Reliable installations from a professional team – Expect accuracy, diligence and tolerance from our insured and vetted flooring specialists. The Flooring Group hires certified and skilled craftsmen who share our clients-first approach to customer service. Moreover, our team is polite, friendly, accommodating and always ready to answer your questions.
    • Subfloor preparation – We are thorough workers; we avoid covering up old flooring just because it’s convenient. Old wood, tiles, rubber panels and mouldy carpets can compromise the integrity of the new floor if they’re left underneath. This is why subfloor preparation is part of our installation SOP. Before putting in new flooring, we make sure that the subfloor is smooth, dry and free from alkalinity.

Experience a Worry-Free Floor Installation with The Flooring Group


If you need your floors refurbished or a brand-new flooring installed professionally as quickly as possible, we’re the company to call. We provide residential and commercial flooring solutions to clients in Notting Hill, including floor sanding and sealing and hardwood installation. Visit our store anytime. You can also reach us via phone (0207 609 1234) or email.

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Quality Flooring Products in Notting Hill

Your floor takes up the most real estate in any room. Make sure you’re setting the right tone by choosing a suitable flooring option for your residential or commercial space. We have a wide range of affordable and high-quality flooring options for you to choose from.

Browse your options today and let us handle the installation.


Ann, 27 February 2016

Dear Paul,I am very satisfied with the carpet as fitted. It has been beautifully done by Mark, who was very efficient, skilled and careful.  He was not working in the best of circumstances, as I was suffering from the first days of a terrible cold and cough, and had a high temperature for the whole of his first day, and of course the problems with the delivery of the carpet.  But Mark made sure throughout that I was as inconvenienced as little as possible and was helpful and communicative.

I can see that the problems with the delivery were outside your immediate control…and you have made recompense.  The reduction and the help with putting some of the furniture back are both appreciated.  I will go on using the company and continue to recommend it to others, although perhaps with a little warning about discussing delivery with you!

Kind regards

Stephanie, 23 February 2016
Hi Matthew,Thank you, all was looking great when I popped in yesterday. Will be back tomorrow to see the rest. The joins looked perfect!I asked the guys to measure for 2 floor mats made from the off cuts for in front of 2 balcony doors. Did they relay that on to you?Can you let me know how much it would cost to have braiding / border added to these?Thank you.Best

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