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Flooring – Poor Payment

THE third national survey of specialist contractors from Streetwise Subbie concludes that there has been no significant improvement in the construction industry’s ‘dire payment situation’.
The StreetwiseSubbie survey, with 216 responses, is headlined ‘betrayal of the specialist contractor’. It claims that Government promises to help small businesses with its ‘half-hearted’ schemes such as the Prompt Payment Code, ‘Name and Shame’ and Construction Supply Chain Charter are all proving to be ineffective!
It claims also that the Government has failed on its 30 day payment promise on public funded projects with 94.9% of specialist contractors waiting over a month for payment, with 4.7% having to wait longer than 90 days.
The Construction Supply Chain Charter was criticised by 42 respondents, suggesting that it did not work. One typical comment was: ‘Worthless piece of paper that all the major main contractor payment abusers have ignored’.
A total of 84% of respondents thought the remedies available to get paid the correct amount and on time, such as the Construction Act, adjudication or litigation are unsuitable, did not work, and needed changing.
Barry Ashmore of Streetwise Subbie commented: ‘The widespread failure of specialist contracting businesses refutes Government claims of a growing economy in the UK and the rebuilding of the construction industry, which looks as bleak as ever.
‘The continuing poor payment practices and ruthlessly unfair treatment of specialist contractors identified by our survey has to be stopped for the good of the industry as whole, and to help ensure that there is a genuine recovery for the whole of the UK’s economy.’
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