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Flooring Trends to Expect in 2024

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Perhaps they should include having new flooring installed at your home or workplace. After all, the state of existing flooring can easily be overlooked.

If you neglect to replace flooring until it is visibly deteriorating, the entire installation process could become more intricate and take longer to complete.

When flooring does need replacing, it also presents an excellent opportunity to upgrade the property’s aesthetic appeal. Here are some flooring types we expect to be popular in 2024…


Mixed Tone Wood

You are likely already attracted to wood as a flooring material if you place sustainability at the forefront. However, what tone of wood should you go for?

In recent years, you might have seen many people first opt for darker tones but later lean towards lighter shades. Given this swinging of the pendulum, we might see more of a balance in 2024, with people either choosing mid-tones or being more selective about where they get lighter or darker floor panels fitted.


Large Format

What is ‘large format’ flooring? This is basically where the flooring comes in large panels, e.g. planks or tiles. This type of flooring has noticeably become more of a ‘thing’ lately; for example, it is now possible to get hold of wood planks spanning a foot wide.

If wood isn’t quite your own ‘thing’, terrazzo is one worthy alternative material for large format flooring. “I think we will see even bigger, bolder terrazzo patterns with larger chunks of aggregate taking centre stage,” Los Angeles-based interior designer Kara Pipermeyer has told The Spruce.


Checkerboard Tiles

There’s something charmingly vintage about checkerboard tiles — especially when laid in alternating black and white tiles to create a monochrome floor.

You don’t strictly have to go down this same route if you take advantage of checkerboard tiles yourself. Yes, white and black can go well with pretty much anything — but given how popular the checkerboard look already was in 2023, you might want to add a fresh twist for 2024.

You could do that by pairing white with grey — or throwing some terra hues into the mix.


Mosaic Tiles

What is mosaic tile flooring? It is flooring where the design or pattern is fashioned from small, coloured pieces made of glass, stone or ceramics. 

However, you don’t strictly need to have those pieces at close hand if you want flooring of a mosaic style. We can install mosaic-look vinyl flooring in London properties, providing them with highly durable, slip-resistant flooring resembling, say, sunstone or graphite pearl.


Natural Stone

This is another winner from an environmental standpoint, as are other flooring options designed to emulate the appearance of natural stone.

Maybe you like the classy image of marble or the endearingly rough texture of slate? Either way, you don’t necessarily have to settle for the real thing to ensure that your home faithfully copies its look. You can instead arrange for us to install ‘stone-like’ flooring in London.