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Floors Finding Flavour

There are extreme demands on flooring in kitchens and food processing areas:
ACC Flooring was involved in part of a £500,000 refurbishment of the original Harry Ramsdens on White Cross Guiseley, after it was bought by the Wetherby Whaler Group. ACC Flooring was required to upgrade the kitchen floor with the installation of a heavy duty polyurethane screed system.
The country’s most famous and iconic fish and chip emporium had been closed for some time after it was taken over, but the dream of family business came to fruition when Wetherby Whaler re-opened the restaurant to much acclaim. It features new crystal chandeliers and a resident pianist playing a Baby Grand on Sunday afternoons, plus the revival of musical evenings.
Altro floors and walls were used in the new £700,000 butchery academy at the Brian Etherington Meat Company in Cornwall.
Nathan Campling, director of Eden Flooring & Interiors, recommended the Altro products to Brian Etherington for whom he has done a number of refurbishment projects over the years.
This project included 100sq m of Altro Walkway 20 2mm safety flooring. Having a life expectancy of 15 years, the floor is claimed to provide slip and abrasion resistance for the lifetime of the floor with superior chemical and indentation resistance.
The academy’s training room and butcher’s counter was fitted with 80sq m of wood look sparkle free safety flooring.
The training centre and bakery received 100sq m of Whiterock wall cladding, said to meet current EU Directives on health and hygiene. Whiterock Digiclad was used to create the company logo and farm images in the butchery.
Whiterock Splashbacks were installed in the café as an alternative to high maintenance tiles and come in a big range of colours.
In addition,100sq m of Whiterock hygienic ceilings were fitted in the training school and bakery. Suited for food preparation areas, this product is described as forming an impervious, hygienic virtually maintenance-free system which can be hosed down in situ and has a bright, durable surface which helps to reduce condensation.
Mark Etherington said: ‘Nathan and his team at Eden Flooring & Interiors did a fantastic job, very professional.
The finished result looks superb, very smart, colourful and we are delighted with the quality. The floors and walls are very easy to maintain and after the cleaning regime is complete they look like new.’
Dycem says its new floating floor system provides an alternative to its fixed and permanent systems, for environments where long-term adhesion to the subfloor is not possible.
The fully audit compliant flooring system is claimed to be effective in removing 99.9% of foot and wheel-borne contamination, and up to 75% of airborne contamination. It is designed to be self-installed in minutes, for use in areas where only a temporary contamination control solution is required.
The polymeric flooring system is installed onto a 1.2mm thick isolator membrane, providing a loose-laid, flexible product.
The underside of the system is an impervious vinyl layer containing multiple peduncles, designed to minimise subfloor show-through, maintain rigidity and ensure a firm grip to the subfloor while in use.
The new system can be used at all entry points to critical areas to prevent the ingress of microbial contamination, and all exits to reduce the risk of cross-infection.

Flowcrete UK says its Flowfresh, designed for the food and drink industry, includes the silver-based Polygiene agent within the resin matrix for the ultimate in hygiene performance. Using patented technology, Polygiene helps to protect surfaces against harmful microbes by building silver, one of nature’s own antimicrobial agents, into the flooring mix.
Polygiene was brought to market after a three year research and development process. It is said to be capable of controlling MRSA, C.Diff, salmonella and E-Coli, as well as other types of bacteria and fungi on contact. Harmful microbes deposited onto these surfaces become incapable of sustaining themselves. Only extremely small amounts of silver are used, making Polygiene an environmentally friendly technology, says Flowcrete.
Furthermore, the product is described as an inorganic additive. Therefore environmental issues relating to the use of organic antimicrobial additives do not apply to the system.
Flowfresh can also be laid to falls to increase run-off of water and other fluids in a wet processing environment. Graded aggregates can also be selected to ensure a slip resistant finish.
Jaymart describes its Plaza Safe-T-Floor as an exciting new range of slip resistant heavy traffic vinyl flooring offering contemporary finishes with traditional anti-slip properties. The product is also said to be suited to wet areas typical in commercial kitchens, as well as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and colleges.
Its features include high anti-slip rating (R10); silicon carbide granules; polyurethane reinforced; no wax, no polish maintenance; extensive colour range; IMO tested for maritime usage; fungi and bacteria resistance; and homogeneous construction.
The product is supplied in three surface finishes: Chip; lightly textured surface with terrazzo colour chippings; Smooth, lightly textured surface with speckled chippings; and round stud, textured surface with speckled chippings. It comes in rolls of 15m x 2m; and 2mm thick.

Matching welding rods are available for hot welding in all colours.
Tarkett says its Safetred slip resistant range is suited for spaces where minimising the risk of trips and falls is essential, notably in kitchens and food production areas.
The company adds that its flooring is easily installed. Even in the winter and colder conditions, it is designed to be flexible to go around awkward appliances easily. Being vinyl flooring it’s also more hygienic and easy to clean with the SYR cleaning system.
Tarkett has a range of Safetred products to suit different aesthetic requirements all achieving R10 slip resistance rating. The five collections include wood and naturals with a contemporary and natural look, all delivering commercial performance.
Spectrum comes in 16 colours for coordinating with a corporate colour scheme. Meanwhile Dimension has multi-coloured weld rods for a more seamless look while Universal is a classic collection of safety flooring.
Spectrum and Universal also come in tile format. All are available from distributors nationwide.
Uzin products were used to install safety flooring in the kitchen at the Nottingham City Hospital. Extensive remedial work was needed with several different types of old floorcoverings having to be removed.
Multiple substrates with latex residues were revealed. The flooring contractor chose a repair system from Uzin, combining several of the company’s products all compatible with one another.
The hospital, being committed to the highest standards of healthcare, required an environmentally friendly and low emission solution. A combination of Uzin PE 460 damp proof membrane, NC 160 smoothing compound and RR 201 repair mesh were used to damp proof and repair the substrate. The safety flooring was then installed using KR 430 adhesive, rated EC1 Plus for very low emissions.

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