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Flowcrete Launches New Seminar

FLOWCRETE UK has introduced a RIBA approved CPD seminar on specifying seamless resin terrazzo.
The seminar targets architects looking to earn CPD points. It provides an in-depth background into the traditional history of terrazzo, from 9000BC when lime and clay based terrazzo was used in Neolithic structures, through to the present day.
Flowcrete UK’s marketing manager, Ian Jones, said: ‘Our new seminar provides a greater understanding of the nature of seamless resin terrazzo flooring, including what systems are available to the market, how they differ to alternative materials and the practicalities of installation and maintenance.’
Participants in the seminar will receive an in-depth analysis of the various application processes and techniques and learn about the benefits and lifecycle implications of different materials.
The most appropriate cleaning methods will be identified to ensure a prolonged life span for seamless terrazzo flooring systems. The vast versatility of the material means it can be precast for use on stair treads and risers.
Terrazzo systems also have a low slip potential in accordance with HSE and UKSRG guidelines, making them a safer option for public places.
The non-porosity of seamless terrazzo also eliminates microbial growth and can be used to improve the indoor environmental air quality of a structure.
Available across the UK and Ireland, the new RIBA approved seminar lasts for 45-60 minutes. A complimentary buffet or light refreshments is offered to all attendees.
Flowcrete UK is part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and offers a selection of RIBA approved CPD seminars available nationwide.

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