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Following A Programme Of Increasing Sustainability And Product Development

London flooring contractors reveal, that taking into account the UK government undertakings on carbon reduction, it’s appropriate for the capital projects of public sector to apply sustainable procurement methods. London flooring experts claim, that all building projects, funded by government, must conform to clear sustainability criteria, given whole life-cycle costs. Actually, every single element is important to achieve this mission and flooring is not an exception. Here are more details:

  • London flooring specialists explain that customer’s demands for sustainable products should be met. For this purpose a programme of product development should be pursued.
  • London flooring contractors claim that in the last years, one of the essential and key developments is the stable reduction in the usage of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).These are potentially hazardous solvents that are pungent. Usually, they are applied in adhesives and liquid coatings. Fortunately, these compounds have been replaced by harmless waterborne products. This way, the danger for health has been decreased and it had also beneficial effect on the environment. London flooring experts give for example products like ES600 moisture vapour suppressant. This product is not only cost-effective, quick and safe for people, but it is also kind to the environment.
  • London flooring contractors are informed, that development and research projects continue, so there will be more innovations. For instance, a modern and interesting concept is to apply hybrid technology to remove onsite hazards during installing and developing a better learning environment in post occupancy.

London flooring contractors summarise, that in fact possibilities for improvement of the sustainability of flooring products are so numerous. However, the increasing level of sustainability remains key market driver.

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