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For Comfort, Try These ‘Knee Cushions’

AT Harrogate last September I came across a new style of knee pads from Knieschützer displayed on the Janser stand.

The knee pads or ‘knee cushion’ as the manufacturer calls them are branded as Matrix. They have a patented leaf spring and honeycomb construction designed to distribute your weight over a larger area.

These pads are curve shaped to fit around your knee, giving a comfortable fit and reducing slippage when pressure is applied. For extra comfort there is soft fabric to kneel on. It is made from tough Cordura to give protection from sharp objects such as grit, nails etc. The construction is a combination of Thermoplastic
elastomers (TPE’s), polyester space fabric and elastic.

On trying them out, I found them slightly more difficult to get into the knee pocket of the trousers, but once in they did not appear to tighten the trouser around the knee section. Dropping down on my knees, which is something installers do from time to time, the pads give good suppor t and do not fully collapse.
After the first day of use, these new style knee pads proved to be very comfor table, so much so that I forgot they were still in place. Travelling back to the accommodation I realised my knees had not sweated, which is one reason for the comfort of the pads.

Having said this, I was surprised the manufacturers had not promoted this fact, as it would, in my opinion, be a big bonus point. I purchased a second pair for my son who has been wearing them since Harrogate, mainly for installing wood.

He commented that they were comfor table and to date have not shown any signs of wear. His only negative point was that the fabric around the pad tends to slide to one side. Unlike some other knee pads that fit inside trouser pockets I have tried, when you kneel on a piece of grit or other object I did not feel it through the pad.
My recommendation is to give these a try. I think you will like them.

John Roberts is founder TAOFS (The Academy of Flooring Skills) and prominent consultant in flooring. TAOFS offers training in all types of floorcoverings.


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