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Forbo – Acoustic Vinyl – Sarlon Sparkling

Forbo - Acoustic Vinyl - Sarlon Sparkling

Finally, unlimited colour!
– The very precise choice of shades gives a coherent range; each colourtone is available in 3 shades: pastel, bright and deep, with Sarlon Sparkling Colourmix as the colourful additive
– Because the aesthetic of the environment contributes to everyone’s comfort

Flooring adapted for use in the healthcare environment
– 3 products that combine acoustic comfort and an easy traffic of wheeled equipment: Compact Acoustic15 dB, Compact 8 dB and Compact Acoustic 17 dB
– Improved hygiene due to antibacterial properties
– The safety of people on a non-slip floor

Optimised investment due to product durability
– Durability of stain-resistant flooring
– Dimensional stability
– Resistance to traffic and wear

A range that cares for health and environment
– Reduction in consumption of electricity for lightning
– Anti-bacterial treatment based on natural products
– Available in phtalate-free plasticizer version and bio-based

Sarlon Sparkling is available in 2 dessins: Sparkling and Colourmix, which give a coherent range of natural colours and tints.

The Sarlon Sparkling collection is available in 15 dB. A selection of colours is also available in 17dB and a compact version (marked with *).