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Forbo – Acoustic Vinyl – Sarlon Wood

Forbo - Acoustic Vinyl - Sarlon Wood

The Sarlon Wood range consists of 4 Wood collections with 17dB impact sound reduction, each with their own design characteristics.

The natural colours of Sarlon Wood Small Classic bring nature indoors. If you’re looking to create a bright, clean and uncomplicated look and feel, this warm and welcoming design is ideal.

Sarlon Wood Medium Classic is based on natural wood. As if it came straight from the forest, it gives any surroundings a natural, warm and welcoming feeling.

Sarlon Wood Allover Contemporary can be used in a wide range of surroundings. Whether the room is colourful or has a more natural feel, this range will fit right in to create an uplifting, warm and enchanting setting.

Our lively wood-based range contains two eye-catching designs. If you want to create a warm, comfortable experience, Sarlon Wood Large Country is right for you.