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Forbo – Luxury Vinyl – Allura Form Oak XL

Forbo - Luxury Vinyl - Allura Form Oak XL

Supersized beauty and a new level of realism
With Oak XL it’s easy to combine the beauty of a realistic-looking natural wood floor with the comfort and ease of installation of high quality LVT. Oak XL is available in 3 widths in a choice of 5 colours, and with signature in-register embossing, Oak XL is ideal for mixing and matching. The result is a wooden plank floor whose appearance is far more outspoken than you would ever have thought possible in LVT.

Oak XL is produced in a much larger variety of planks than normal, which ensures that no 2 planks in a box of Oak XL bear the same pattern. And 1 other benefit: having a choice of different plank widths helps reduce waste and cost by minimising the offcut during installation.