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Fraudulent Misuse Of Logo

THE fraudulent use of association logos by non-members is becoming a growing issue and the National Carpet Cleaners’ Association (NCCA) has begun taking strong action.
Both the NCCA logo and the name of the association are both registered trade marks under the Trade Marks Act 1994 of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Both the NCCA name and logo are being used by non-member companies in directory adverts, local magazines and publications, on websites and in one case the NCCA name was even quoted in a telephone announcement for a company’s advertising campaign!
Where the offending adverts have appeared in print, the editors of the journals or suppliers of the directories have been informed that their advertisers were not members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association and were therefore illegally displaying the NCCA name or logo. All of the infringements have been reported to the Trading Standards Offices in the offenders’ areas.
In several cases, both traders and companies have been summoned to attend their local Trading Standards Office and accept a ‘formal caution’. This constitutes an admission of guilt.
Should the trader or company continue to offend, or re-offend, then prosecution follows. In a particular case a trader successfully prosecuted for making a false statement in a leaflet bearing the NCCA logo, was fined and ordered to pay costs towards the prosecution as well as compensation to an aggrieved customer.
Members of the NCCA have access to a multitude of benefits. Aside from operating to a Code of Practice, which covers specifics such as fair pricing, service and consumer protection, NCCA members are bound to promote best practice in all their activities.
Technical assistance is available to all members as required, along with a 24 hour legal helpline.
A complaint procedure also ensures that, in the unlikely event of a disagreement, professional and unbiased advice is available.
T: 0116 271 9550

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