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Frieze Carpeting Offers Style & Durability

When considering carpet styles for your home, it’s important to know which areas may require particularly durable carpeting. Your carpet can become worn and discolored if it’s not made to take the punishment of constant foot traffic. Frieze carpeting is noted for its twisted fiber construction, which strengthens the carpet fibers and helps resist damage caused by high traffic.

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Facts About Frieze Carpet Styles
Construction: Frieze carpeting is a cut-pile type of carpet. Each loop is cut and the ends twisted to make the carpet fiber stronger and resistant to fraying and matting. Like most contemporary carpeting styles that are typically constructed of easy-care synthetic fibers, frieze carpeting doesn’t require specialized maintenance.

Styles: Depending on the amount of twisting applied to the carpet fibers, frieze carpeting offers different textural appearances. A high level of twisting results in a knobby texture that is attractive and highly resistant to wear. The fibers, also called “pile,” are typically cut close to prevent “nap,” which can show different tones depending on how the carpet fibers lie. Frieze carpeting is desirable because it resists dirt and pet hair, and it doesn’t typically show vacuuming tracks.

Maintenance: Approximately 90% of today’s carpet styles are manufactured using synthetic fibers including nylon and olefin. It’s important to follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintaining your carpet. Test cleaning products on a small area of carpeting not readily visible before applying cleaning products to your entire carpet.