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Get A Deal On Carpet Prices

Shopping for new carpet can be challenging, and it definitely involves more than simply comparing prices.

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Carpet Prices: Determining Your Needs and Budget
Before you start shopping for new carpet, here are some things to think about:

The stuff carpet is made of: Wool is most expensive but stain resistant. Nylon costs less, and comes in a dazzling array of colors and styles. Olefin, like nylon, is a man made fiber that wears well.
How much carpet do you need? If you carpet your entire house with the same carpet (or at least one entire floor) you may get a better deal than if you buy different carpet for individual rooms.
The durability factor: Invest in carpet that can stand up to high traffic for hallways, family rooms, and other high-use areas. You may not need to spend as much if you’re carpeting little-used rooms.
How long does the carpet need to last? If you’re planning to move within a couple of years, you can spend less and choose neutral colors that enhance your home’s appearance without competing with its interior.
Consider kids and pets: If you have either, they can be tough on carpet. That high end Berber you love may have to wait a few years. Your six-year-old daughter loves everything lavender, but are you prepared to change the carpet when she changes her mind? If you have pets, choose sturdy carpet that’s easy to clean.
Installation and warranties: Many manufacturer’s warranties require authorized installation. Carpeting is a major home improvement and can put a dent in your wallet, so cutting corners on installation isn’t recommended. Read and discuss installation agreements and warranties with your carpet supplier/installer to ensure that everyone agrees on terms and pricing.
Ask for referrals: If you know someone who has great carpet, ask them about it! Referrals are a great way to get connected with new carpet suppliers who may offer great carpeting at excellent prices.
When you’re trying to find the right carpet for your home, shopping price is only the beginning.