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Get the Hardwood Flooring Look You Want with Laminate Wood Flooring

Traditional hardwood floors have a look that says quality, warmth, lasting beauty . . . and pricey. If you love the hardwood look but can’t handle the price tag, get ready to make your design dreams come true. Laminate wood flooring offers the realistic look and feel of true hardwood flooring right down to the distinctive wood grain – for a lot less!

Laminate wood flooring selections are impressive. From the traditional look of domestic species like oak and maple to the exotic African makore and South American rosewood, if you can find it in authentic wood, you can find it in laminate wood. Choose natural, rich, warm colors from wood species like pecan, cherry, mahogany or even painted pine. Use lighter colors and fine-grained woods like maple or white oak for a clean, bright floor that shows off your furnishings. Or go for the deeper colors and striking grain contrast found in species like hickory, walnut and Brazilian cherry for a floor that really makes a statement.

Achieve stunning wood looks with surface treatments

In addition to realistic graining, textures like hand-scraping and a wide variety of natural colors, today’s laminate wood flooring is also available with the same surface options you’ll find in hardwood floors. Rustic details like character marks, nail holes and color washes give laminate wood floors even more visual impact. And just like their real wood counterparts, laminate wood floors look natural in any room setting.

Bring out that gorgeous hardwood look even more by selecting laminate wood flooring with a shiny, high gloss finish. Or maybe you’ll find that a soft luster best complements your décor and lifestyle. Either way, the great advantage of laminate wood flooring is that you have so many choices!

Go the extra length and width with laminate’s looks

Laminate wood flooring comes in a variety of sizes so you can further customize the flooring to your decorating style. Long, wide planks that span 5” or more can dramatically influence the look of a floor. Wide widths can complement a large room or lend themselves easily to a comfortable, country look. Narrow strips bring an entirely different effect and work well in smaller rooms or styles that are formal or traditional.

The beauty of laminate wood flooring is more than skin deep too. Laminate is stronger, more scratch-resistant and often more durable than hardwood. It’s protected by a tough external wear layer that holds up superbly in houses where there are pets, children and lots of traffic. No matter what kind of wood look you want, laminate has a perfect solution.

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