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Getting To Grips With Hultafors

WITH almost 300 years of design and manufacturing behind the brand, HULTAFORS provides a comprehensive product range of specialist equipment.
Anything needed for measuring, levelling, marking, striking, cutting, chopping, prying and wrecking can be found in the company’s range. Hultafors’ Fisco Tape Measures are claimed to be developed with advanced precision technology for high standards of measuring accuracy. Its range of craftsman’s knives and chisels are designed to combine sharpness with durability. Hultafors says its spirit levels are renowned for their levelling accuracy.
Also to be found in the range are hand axes, wrecking bars, hammers and surveying tools.
Hultafors is part of the Hultafors Group, a range of premium brands committed to keeping craftsmen at the forefront.
T: 01484 854788

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