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Glass Fibre Solutions

SAINT-GOBAIN ADFORS, provider of glass fibre solutions, has launched its floor reinforcement to the UK market.
Adfors has used its decades of R&D expertise to develop Vertex Grids for screeds, designed to reduce cracks in floor surfaces by 60%. Vertex Grids are used as a key part in the reinforcement process of screening, for a smooth and durable final layer once dry. Weighing 7kg per roll, Vertex Grid G120 is said to achieve the same performance as lightweight metal mesh 650g/sq m (5x5cm, 1.7mm), but is has been designed to be easier to carry and handle than traditional metallic panels, which can weigh up to 40kg for the same volume.
A standard pair of scissors can be used to cut the grid to size. Vertex range includes grids G96, G120 and R108, adapted to all types of liquid and traditional screed types.
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